A major victory for East Alaska Junction!

On Thursday, May 23rd the Sound Transit Board voted to remove the West Seattle "Yellow/Orange" elevated alternative from all further consideration. All alternatives approved by the board for further EIS study utilize the right-of-way (i.e. along Fauntleroy Way SW) or a tunnel. This is a significant victory for the East Alaska Junction community and was won, in large part, through the hard work and dedication of members of this coalition. We thank you all for your time, energy, and engagement.

We should celebrate this victory and success of our community, but be cognizant that the fight is not yet over. Our neighbors to the east (in Delridge) were not as fortunate in eliminating community-devastating options. Our neighbors to the south (in Morgan and Fairmount Park) are still at risk for southward expansion of the remaining elevated options. All station locations are still to be determined, and Seattle's Office of Planning & Community Development (OPCD) is now entering the process. Construction is not scheduled to begin until 2025, so we urge you to stay involved in this effort to insure Sound Transit brings light rail to West Seattle in a responsible and meaningful way.

Thank you again; we are very proud to be members of this community.

Welcome to the East Alaska Junction Neighborhood Coalition.

We are local residents advocating for well-planned transportation in West Seattle. We support and look forward to the arrival of a new Link Light rail extension in our area but have concerns about the proposed plans and their impacts on the East Alaska Junction area. If you are a Junction resident with similar concerns, please consider supporting this vibrant community by joining our group and helping to influence the planning of future Light Rail in West Seattle.

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May 23, 2019 - Sound Transit Board 'VOTE'

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