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Neighborhood Canvassing Flyer

Informational flyer produced by the neighborhood coalition focused on EIS scoping comments.

Click here for a printable version.

Note: this flyer is intended to be printed double-sided and in color.

EAJ Compiled EIS Scoping Comments

Coalition EIS Scoping Comments [PDF]

A collection of scoping comments submitted to Sound Transit in early April 2019, as part of the Level 3 Public Comment Period leading into the Environmental Impact Study (EIS). This report presents the coalition’s views within the framework of EIS and was prepared in collaboration with members of the coalition listed within.

EAJ Alternative Proposals

This is an alternative proposed by the EAJ Neighborhood Coalition. It is a variation on the "Pigeon Ridge / West Seattle Tunnel Alternative" proposed by Sound Transit during Level 2.

This alternative would cross the Duwamish Waterway via a new high-level bridge, transition into a tunnel beneath Pigeon Ridge, and then emerge back onto an elevated structure paralleling SW Genesee Street. The elevated structure would travel along the northern edge of the West Seattle Golf Course. Approaching SW Avalon Way, the route would again transition into a tunnel to Fauntleroy Way SW, terminating in a tunnel near Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Hudson Street.

Analysis of the "West Seattle Elevated" Option

Proposed elevated "yellow" line option and potential impact to neighborhood properties west of 35th Ave SW.

By our analysis, roughly 50 to 70 homes appear to be in the direct path of the rail line. Another 50 to 70 will significantly impacted.

Light Rail Configurations

Light Rail built on grade with (4) lanes of traffic.

Elevated Light Rail with (4) lanes of traffic.